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Windowpane provides professional marketing services for enterprises of all sizes. Whether the product is a marketing plan, a corporate brochure, a brand strategy or a Facebook campaign, Windowpane has the experience and the words to illuminate the message.

Windowpane also works with JBS Technical Communication Services in providing outsourced marketing executive services (CMO-on-Call) for companies of all types and sizes.

Windowpane is owned by Roy Isacowitz, a 30-year veteran of the media and technology industries. Roy's experience spans all facets of the media business, from the creative to the technical and the commercial. He brings that experience to bear in assisting your business achieve the prominence it deserves.

Based in Tel Aviv, Windowpane provides English-language marketing services for a global customer base.



Clear and concise web pages that are optimized for SEO. and structured according to the latest usability research..


Corporate and product brochures, flyers, catalogs, press releases, white papers, exhibition signage - all the English-language witing your company needs.

social media

Regular blogging and blog maintenance; content marketing; newsletters and email marketing; Facebook and Linked-In activities.